Sport Management

Turn your passion for sports into a fulfilling career full of excitement, strategy, and hard work with the study of sport management. You’ll learn the business of sports, from ticket sales and event coordination to selling a sponsorship and being a sports agent.

America today has seen a surge in interest in sports at all levels. Travel teams, recreational departments, non-profit organizations and more have seen an increase in demand for proper leadership and management. Individuals with knowledge of sports and coaching functions, as well as business acumen, are in demand.

  • As you progress through your major, you’ll grow into a business-minded professional ready to take on the dynamic sports industry on a multitude of levels.
  • Courses and real-world training in everything from fitness, economics, marketing, business, and much more.
  • Graduates gain entrepreneurship and key business skills to become leaders in the sport business industry.
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Associate in Arts

The sport management program prepares students for careers in the global sport industry. The associate degree curriculum explores the cultural and business impact of sport through hands-on, real-word case studies and internships. This program develops strong skills in critical business areas of sport including management, communication, marketing, accounting, leadership, entrepreneurship, and human resource management.

Upon graduation with an Associate in Art in Sport Management from Jackson College, many of our graduates will transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree granting university to pursue a degree in sport management, business, law, accounting, urban planning, and graduate studies.

Sample Courses

Students will explore careers in the sport industry, both in the

U.S. and globally, inclusive of professional, collegiate, youth, and non-profit sport, as well global branding, sponsorships, merchandising and entertainment events. Using the sports industry perspective, many business principles will be covered, such as: marketing, strategic management, communication, sales and revenue generation, facility management and finance.

This course is designed for students to examine and understand the ways in which sport and physical activity are affected by historical and social forces, and in turn, how sport and physical activity influence society. This course also examines the sociological factors that influence sport in our society. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a sound theoretical basis and the ability to critically examine the sociological issues found within sport.

Students analyze the sport marketplace and consumption trends to identify customer wants and needs and develop effective marketing strategies to satisfy them. Emphasis is placed on evaluating

sport/entertainment environments, identifying target markets, building brands, and the marketing functions of product or service planning, pricing, promotion and placement (distribution).

Associate Degree Details


Earnings vary by position and location. Some examples include recreation workers, $29,680 annually; coaches, $38,970 annually.


Demand is expected to grow as the popularity of sports grows.

  • Coaches, 26 percent growth
  • Recreation workers, 16 percent growth

Further education will enhance earnings and opportunities.

associate in arts

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