Software Engineering

Create the software that runs our computers, mobile phones and more with an associate degree in software engineering. Software engineers explore the needs of users to design, develop, test, deploy and manage software applications. These applications connect a user to a computer, tablet or mobile device. Learn to create scalable programs, web applications and cloud-based software.

This program is for students who want to pursue their career goals or transfer to a university to complete a bachelor’s degree. 

  • Flexible program with a variety of career opportunities. 
  • Prepare for transfer to a university for further study. 
  • Learn from experienced faculty with a background in the field. 
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Associate in Applied Science

Software engineering is the process of analyzing user needs to design, develop, test, deploy, and manage software applications systems. Software applications systems connect you to a computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device. Coursework will include studies in databases, cloud computing, systems design, and multiple programming languages to create scalable programs, web applications, and cloud-based software. This degree is for students who want to develop the skills necessary to pursue their career goals or transfer to work toward a bachelor’s degree in the field. Job opportunities may include: applications developer, computer consultant, information technology analyst, programmer, software developer, or software engineer.

Sample Courses

Students use procedural and object-oriented programming capabilities to design, develop, and test computer programs. Topics covered include control structures, methods, object-oriented programming, classes, applets and user interfaces.

Students study digital computing systems and how they are used to solve problems. Students use procedural and object-oriented programming capabilities to design, develop, and test computer programs. Topics covered include program development, functions, control structures, text file operations, classes, recursion, arrays and pointers.

This course covers the fundamental concepts of database systems focusing on design, implementation, and management. Relational, object-oriented, noSQL, and distributed database systems will be studied. Topics include data models, normalization, SQL, database administration, and connectivity to the Internet.

Associate Degree Details


Software engineer, $110,140 annually (may require further education).


Most computer technology careers are in demand today. Software engineers and developers will see 22 percent growth in the coming years.

Associate in Applied Science

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If you reside in Jackson county, Michigan.


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If you reside in the state of Michigan.


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If you reside outside the state of Michigan.


Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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