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Today’s executive assistants are professional-level positions that support senior management and executives in almost every business type. Prepare to go beyond basic office clerical tasks to become an indispensable part of the office team, helping your supervisor become more efficient.

Learn the Microsoft Office Suite, the most common office software today. Opportunities to test for certification are available. 

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Executive Assistant Certificate

Executive assistants are professional-level positions who provide support for senior management and executives (VPs, CEOs, CFOs, etc.) of almost every business type, including industrial, retail, medical, legal, finance, education, hospitality, chain stores/restaurants, stock market, non-profits and more.

They use expert computer skills to organize and manage their boss’s reports and time commitments, often deal with confidential information and have authority in the executive’s absence thereby requiring exceptional critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Executive support positions must possess proven multi-faceted skills so an internship or work experience may enhance one’s employability and success.

Sample Courses

In the face of change, an uncertain economy, and intensive competition, the student will learn how to create an unexpected, highly evolving experience, to create customer loyalty and compelling word of mouth customers. The core element of service quality will be applied to both people-centered and technology-centered businesses, industries and organizations. The ultimate goal of this course is to help improve students’ abilities to communicate effectively with internal and external customers.

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? How can you promote the growth and sustainability of your organization? What is your role as a future business owner or manager in the overall success of your organization? This course will outline and describe the strategies that a company’s managers pursue to have a major impact on the company’s performance and compete in the dynamic global nature of today’s organizations. Students will explore the following topics as they gain an understanding of strategy: strategic management, competition and competitive advantage, developing strategies, and

implementing strategies.

Develop and integrate administrative support skills in communication, information technologies, administrative procedures and problem solving. Topics include: records management, information/communication systems, including electronic, space management and ergonomics, quality and productivity improvement techniques, meeting/travel planning, record preparation/presentation and employment skills. Keyboarding skills are essential.

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The pay scale for the Michigan area ranges from $38,000 – $79,000 annually.


With competition and the increasing abilities of technology, demand for executive assistants will be relatively flat or drop by less than 2 percent. Most job openings will replace current executive assistants who will leave the occupation through promotions or retirements. Broadening one’s skills in technology, communications or other areas will help in finding a job.


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Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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