Dream of someday being your own boss? Is there an idea you’ve had to make a business better or offer something new? Entrepreneurship may be for you!

A successful entrepreneur is someone who identifies specific needs in the world around them and then creatively implements strategies for meeting those needs. Some may start their own business venture, while others may work within a larger organization. Study of entrepreneurship can equip you with the knowledge to increase your odds of success in your new venture! 

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Associate in Applied Science

Entrepreneurship is a discipline that can be applied to virtually any endeavor. Entrepreneurs start their own businesses and non-profit organizations, but they also identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions within the established organizations for which they work (these types of entrepreneurs are often known as “intrapreneurs”). Given our rapidly changing world, every sector of the economy is looking for people who can analyze market potential and devise strategies to creatively meet the needs of clients. Many of the world’s most successful people are entrepreneurs who have been able to devise and implement these creative strategies.

An associate degree or certificate in entrepreneurship is highly adaptable and can be coupled with expertise in another discipline, allowing students to focus in areas which match their passions, skills and opportunities in the marketplace.

Sample Courses

There will be only one constant throughout your career, and that constant is change. The preferences of consumers are constantly changing, entire industries are rising and falling, and hard-working people often are finding themselves looking for a job. This course provides you with the foundation to design your own job, whether in the context of an existing organization (i.e., as an “intrapreneur”) or as someone who starts a new enterprise (i.e., as an “entrepreneur”). In this course you will learn more about your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the key characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs. You’ll also gain skills for matching your strengths with a business idea that fits you well, so that both you and your customers will benefit. Finally, you will begin developing analytical tools to help make sound decisions in a rapidly changing world.

This course focuses on the development and market validation of a business model that students proposed and began analyzing in ENT 101. Students will conduct primary market research by studying prospective customers in the environments in which purchase decisions are most likely to be made. Using the structure of Business Model Canvas, students will revise their business concepts based on their market research, identifying clear market segments and value propositions which provide students with a competitive advantage increasing the likelihood of building viable businesses.

The student will be able to evaluate their business concept and write a sound business plan for their entrepreneurial venture. In the process of doing so, the student will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a business concept; collect and organize market research data into a marketing plan; and prepare the financial projects for their business venture. In addition, students will be able to identify and evaluate various resources available for funding the entrepreneurial venture. To be successful in this course, basic computer skills are required.

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Income will vary depending on the job and location. All entrepreneurs should expect some wait time for businesses to become established before seeing a profit and should have a plan for resources to tide them over.


Entrepreneurs create their own paths. Education in business will help them be successful.

Associate in Applied Science

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