EMPOWER Lineworker

As part of the EMPOWER Lineworker Pre-Apprenticeship Program, students gain the skills needed to become apprentice lineworkers. These are the utility workers who install, maintain and repair the power lines that move electricity. They may inspect and test power lines and equipment, and identify defective devices, voltage regulators, transformers and switches.

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EMPOWER Lineworker – Certificate

Prepare for a career in the utility industry with a new lineworker program offered in cooperation with Consumers Energy. Gain the skills needed to become a utility worker who may install, maintain and repair the power lines that move electricity.

Note: This program includes a ground-based component, such as an internship or clinical experience. Your student success navigator can help you better understand the requirements.

Sample Courses

Energy Industry Fundamentals (EIF) provides a broad understanding of the electric and natural gas utility industry and the generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure, commonly called the “largest machine in the world,” which forms the backbone for the industry. The course includes business models, regulations, types of energy and their conversion to usable energy such as electric power, emergent technologies, and the connection to careers in the energy industry. An ANSI-accredited EIF Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of final certification exam.

This course will help students achieve mastery of climbing techniques through practice and refinement under the supervision of climbing instructors.

This course will cover the principles of basic electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. Students will learn how to identify components of electrical and fluid circuits, how to analyze circuits, and how to troubleshoot electrical systems. At the end of the course, they will be able to take the Certified Production Technical Maintenance Awareness exam.

Certificate Details


Median earnings, $97,710 annually. Starting wages about $48,000 annually.


Employment of lineworkers expected to grow 2 percent in coming years.


Jackson County

If you reside in Jackson county, Michigan.


In Michigan

If you reside in the state of Michigan.


Out of Michigan

If you reside outside the state of Michigan.


Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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