Stand out in any career with great communication skills. Studying communications can prepare you for any pursuit, honing your speaking and writing skills for your professional and personal interactions. 

Communication involves the study of how people express themselves and interact. Students will apply fundamental communication concepts, craft messages for various organizations, and analyze relationships between individuals and organizations. 

This versatile program can benefit not only communications-related careers, but any career field.

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Associate in Arts

The Associate of Arts in Communication will prepare students for success in a variety of communication-based fields. Coursework includes public speaking, interpersonal relationships, intercultural communication and small group communication. Students apply fundamental communication concepts by creating media content, crafting messages for business, government, and education organizations, and analyzing relationships between individuals and organizations.

After completing the associate degree, students may transfer to a university of their choice to continue working toward a bachelor’s degree in communications.  

Communication is also an excellent choice for an academic minor. The five core classes are equally accepted for the communication minor at many universities. Some common major/minor pairings with communication include business, political science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, theatre, legal studies, English, world languages and computer science. 

Sample Courses

Students will learn the basic principles of speech communication including speech development and delivery, interpersonal message, non-verbal messages, and small group dynamics. The course is designed to prepare students to be effective communicators in a diverse global society. Student speeches will be evaluated for effectiveness.

Explore the role of the speaker, audience, occasion and the message. Opportunities are offered for participation in all general purposes of speech plus some special occasion speeches. Delivery methods are impromptu, extemporaneous, manuscript and memorized. Outlining, organization, delivery technique and other theories of public address stressed.

Students will learn to improve communication in one-on-one and small group situations. In this course, students will examine basic verbal and non-verbal elements affecting communication between individuals in family, peer group and work contexts. Specific units of discussion include intrapersonal perspective, conflict resolution, self-disclosure, message generation, intercultural messages and non-verbal communication.

Associate Degree Details


  • Marketing copywriter, $55,665 annually
  • Social media coordinator, $39,800 annually
  • Editors (with continued education), $63,350 annually


Employment of social media coordinators is expected to grow 9 percent in coming years.

Employment of editors is expected to grow 5 percent through 2030, with many openings coming from those who transfer to other jobs or retire from the workforce.

While figures vary, demand for marketing copywriters is especially strong now, with a need for writers who can capture people’s attention in the digital world.

Associate in Arts

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