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Management is vital to any business or organization. Develop the skills necessary to lead others and build a business with this business management certificate.

Studying leadership and management can position you for future advancement.

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Business Management Certificate

The Business Management Certificate will develop your awareness and hone your skills in many of the functional aspects of the business world. People with business and management skills are employed in every industry in the career world. Therefore, the focus of this program is on the principles, theories and application of today’s business while also concentrating on the legal, management, and human resource components found in today’s dynamic, diverse, and global organization. Jobs may be found in insurance companies, health care facilities, educational institutions, transportation/distribution centers, government agencies, and manufacturing firms in a variety of departments. This certificate may also be used to further a personal business endeavor. This program also consists of foundational courses needed for a business administration associate degree.

Sample Courses

Why do some businesses succeed while others fail? How can you promote the growth and sustainability of your organization? What is your role as a future business owner or manager in the overall success of your organization? This course will outline and describe the strategies that a company’s managers pursue to have a major impact on the company’s performance and compete in the dynamic global nature of today’s organizations. Students will explore the following topics as they gain an understanding of strategy: strategic management, competition and competitive advantage, developing strategies, and implementing strategies.

This management course exposes students to the dynamics of the changing world. Topics such as management functions/processes, quality, leadership styles, power, global issues, and the challenges and opportunities of diversity are included. Emphasis is placed on ethics, decision making, effective communication, evaluating employees, motivational tools, organizational design, environmental scanning, supervising groups, controlling quality, productivity improvement, managing change and conflict, labor relations and time management.

This course offers an introduction to law and the legal system, dispute resolution and courts, business ethics, torts, contracts, sales and leases of goods, and negotiable instruments.

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Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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