Associate in General Studies

Looking for a unique learning experience to fit your interests? Consider earning an Associate of General Studies degree. This degree is for students who want to plan their own program of study not defined by a specific job or career. The degree’s flexibility allows the creation of a unique learning experience, such as combining the student’s Jackson College Global experience with other academic institutions or community organizations, to prepare for or create a specialized career option.

This degree can prepare students for transfer to a university, but it is not necessarily designed to meet four-year college requirements. Work with a student success navigator to meet your educational goals.

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Associate in General Studies

This degree is an interdisciplinary program adapted to a student’s needs, interests and capabilities.

NOTE: Only courses with a 2.0 or better transfer to most four-year colleges and universities. If students want to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement, they need to plan their courses carefully. Completion of the Associate in General Studies degree does not guarantee the Michigan Transfer Agreement designation.

Sample Courses

This is an intensive writing course. Narrative and descriptive modes are stressed. Basic research strategies are introduced. An end-of-the-semester portfolio is required.

This course will explore how diverse cultural orientations influence the way we perceive and interact with an increasingly culturally diverse world. We will discuss the causes of intercultural conflicts in different communication settings (interpersonal, small group, school, workplace and global) and how to manage them effectively.

Quantitative reasoning develops student skills in analyzing, synthesizing and communicating quantitative information. Cultivates algebraic reasoning and modeling skills through a quantitative literacy lens. Emphasizes critical thinking and the use of multiple strategies in applied contexts. Topics include proportional and statistical reasoning, probability, and evaluation of bias and validity.

Associate Degree Details


Depending on your choice of classes and plan, job opportunities for a general studies degree are diverse. Gaining experience in a particular field will help in finding a job and continuing your education will also increase career opportunities. 


Outlook varies depending on one’s career choice.

Associate in General Studies

Jackson County

If you reside in Jackson county, Michigan.

 $ 16,176

In Michigan

If you reside in the state of Michigan.

 $ 17,579

Out of Michigan

If you reside outside the state of Michigan.

 $ 21,544

Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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