Agriculture Technology

Agriculture continues to expand and evolve to meet the world’s growing demand. Today it offers more job diversity than ever, with many career paths available. Study agricultural technology for employment in agriculture or agribusiness industries. Studies include both the latest techniques for raising crops and farm animals and how to operate a successful business.

  • The flexible program provides students with the skills necessary to work in many sectors of the agriculture & food industries.
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Associate in Applied Science

The Agriculture Technology Associate in Applied Science program prepares students for careers in skilled agricultural and agri-business areas. This degree will provide students with the diverse skill set necessary to work competently within the various sectors of the agriculture-food industry, including agricultural production (plant or livestock), precision farming, agribusiness and finance, sales management, soil or other conservation management, and food processing.

This degree is designed for students who seek employment in agriculture and agribusiness industries upon graduation from Jackson College. This program of study is not intended for those seeking a four-year or advanced degree in agriculture, natural resources or the natural sciences.

Graduates with a degree in agriculture will have the best career opportunities. A solid background in business and management will be a plus.

Note: This program includes a ground-based component, such as an internship or clinical experience. Your student success navigator can help you better understand the requirements.

Sample Courses

This course prepares students from a variety of backgrounds to study and work safely in agricultural and agribusiness settings. Students will learn best practices for biological security and workplace safety standard in these industries. Farm safety will include proper use of power equipment and implements as well as livestock handling. This course contains lecture and field experience components.

This course provides students with an overview of the diverse food systems industry. Through research, guest lectures, and field experiences, students will engage in a cross-section of agricultural, agribusiness, governmental and food processing sectors. Emphasis will be made in identifying the unique but deeply inter-connected pieces that make up regional, national and international food systems.

Precision agriculture is farming management based on information and technology. It is site specific farming based on data related to soil, crops, moisture, pests and other environmental factors. The business of growing crops has become more and more complicated over time. More recently, farmers have been striving to meet demands of increased production and to be conscious of environmental impacts. Precision agriculture will provide a comprehensive overview of present and emerging technologies, techniques and practices used for implementing precision agriculture programs. This course includes both online classroom and field experience components.

Associate Degree Details


  • Agricultural Technician, $40,430 annually
  • Farmers, agricultural managers, median earnings $73,060 annually


Graduates with a degree in agriculture will have the best career opportunities. A solid background in business and management will be a plus.

  • Agricultural Technician, 8 percent projected growth in coming years
  • Farmers and agricultural managers, little to no growth but openings are expected for those transferring to other jobs or retiring.

Associate in Applied Science

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Estimated program costs include tuition, fees and digital textbooks based on 2022-2023 tuition rates. Please note that these costs are only estimates and an individualized financial plan will be created when a student meets with their Student Success Navigator.


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